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Palestinian Territories

Monday 10 December 2012


4th floor, Palestinian Higher Council of Youth and Sports
Irsal st., Ramallah

Tel-Fax: 00970 2 296 2722


Conventional name: Palestinian National Authority

Surface area: 6.170 kmĀ².

Capital: Jerusalem

Population: 4,1 millions of inhabitants

Young people under 25 Years: 64 %

GDP/ inhab: 2 900 dollars (in 2008)

Ethnic background: Arabs.

Religions: Muslims 97% Sunni and Christians 3%.

Language: Arabic (Official), English widely spoken and understood.

Currency: 1 new Israeli shekel (NIS) = 100 new agorot

Unemployment Rate: 14.5% (1998).

Year of Independence: 1949

UN member: 1947

Political System: Presidential system with a Legislative Council (elected in January 1996).

Formalities: A visa is required for tourist stay exceeding three months (this authority may be extended by three months on a reasoned application).

Sources (figures) : Economist Intelligence Unit, UN Population Data base, CIA.

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