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Wednesday 21 September 2011


Délégation du Ministère de la jeunesse et de Sports, 2eme étage, Rabat, Maroc


Conventional Name: Kingdom of Morocco (Al Mamlikah al Maghribiyah)

Surface area: 450.000 km² (not including Western Sahara)

Comparison with a European country: about 1,5 the size of Italy

Capital: Rabat

Population: 32,4 milions of inhabitants

Young people under 25 Years Old : 47,7 %

GDP/ hab: 4 700 dollars

Ethnic background: Arab and Berber 99,1%

Religions: Sunni Muslims 98%, Christian 1.8%, Jewish 0.2%.

Language: Arabic (official), French (the second official language for the administration and businesses), Berber dialects (not official, but used in some publications, radio and TV programmes)

Currency: 1 Moroccan dirham (MAD) = 100 Centimes (1 Dirham = 0,1 €uro, 31.05.2002)

Unemployment Rate (1999): 23%

Year of independence: 2 March 1956 (from France)

Admitted in the UN : 1956

Member of : League of Arab States, Maghreb Arab Union, W.T.O., Organisation of the islamic Conference (OIC)

Parties to: Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Chemical Weapons Convention (CWP).

State nature: Kingdom

Regime nature : Constitutional monarchy (divine law)

Formalities: no visa; a valid passport for individual travel and a valid identity card for travel tours (as clarified by the Moroccan authorities in late December 2007)

Sources (figures) : Economist Intelligence Unit, UN Population Database, CIA.

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