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Accreditation for NGOs interested in Euro-Mediterranean Voluntary Service in South Mediterranean countries

Thursday 19 June 2014

2014 marks the year of the launching of the EuroMed accreditation that will be mandatory in 2015 for hosting and sending volunteers and will be valid through the EuroMed Youth IV and ERASMUS + Programmes.

Currently, all the European organizations that send or host young volunteers are accredited by the National Agencies in their country.
The accreditation in the EuroMed area is the logical continuation of a process started in Europe and South-East Europe East and Caucasus and managed by the two other regional SALTO Resource Centres, namely the SALTO SEE (South-East Europe) and SALTO EECA (Eastern Europe and Caucasus).

Accreditation in the Mediterranean countries will ensure the quality of voluntary service projects, the compliance with the EVS Charter and will promote youth work. The associations that will be accredited will appear online on the official database of the European Commission.

First of all, interested organisations must register and provide their basic legal and financial data in the Unique Registration Facility (URF) of the European Commission’s Participant Portal. Once the registration in the Participant Portal is completed, the organisation will obtain a nine-digit PIC (Participant Identification Code) number.

Here the step by step tutorial on how to generate the PIC number

Why to accredit?

Any organisation from South Mediterranean countries wishing to be involved into EVS as sending or hosting organisation must be accredited (in 2014 the accreditation is optional, in 2015 it will be compulsory). Accreditation serves to gain access to EVS and to ensure a common quality standard. Without accreditation no sending or/and hosting of volunteers is possible!

When to apply?

Interested organisations can apply for accreditation at any time. Ideally, accreditation will be carried out within 2-3 months after receipt of formally eligible Accreditation Application.

By Whom?

Accreditation process in South Mediterranean countries is carried out by the Salto EuroMed RC (Resource Centre) and RCBS (Regional Capacity Building and Support Unit for the EuroMed Youth Programme IV) with the support of representatives of National Agencies and of the EMYUs (Euromed Youth Units).

How to apply?

Before starting any process, an NGO has to create the PIC. The PIC is a unique identifier which enables the organisation to take advantage of on-line application forms.

In the framework of the cooperation between the Euromed Youth IV programme and Erasmus +, please note that organizations applying under the Action 2 (Euro-Med Youth Voluntary Service) have to choose the “Erasmus+” option under the “Program specific information” page as specified in the PIC tutorial.

Detailed information on how to register in URF and obtain a PIC number is provided in the Programme Guide, page 191. Further information on accreditation can be found on page 228.

Then, the organization is invited to fill in the electronic Accreditation Application

Save the PDF on your computer and open it using Adobe Acrobat (Standard) or Adobe Acrobat Professional, the version must likewise be 9 or higher. Full fill the Accreditation Application and submit it online. Nothing has to be sent by e mail, but using the system online.

You have to choose the National Agency that will receive your Accreditation, you have to select: FRANCE

The application should be filled in English language.

In case of questions, please write to: euromed@salto-youth.net

How it goes?

1. First the application will be assessed against the formal criteria. If it is not met, the organisation will receive e-mail with description of ineligible / missing elements of the Accreditation Application.

2. Then, accreditor(s) who have been appointed by SALTO EuroMed to carry out the accreditation (National Agency officers and representative of the EMYU) will assess submitted documents and contact organisation to plan an on-spot visit. After the visit, organisation might receive request to upgrade their Accreditation Application. When the Application is ready, it will be finally assessed by the accreditors.

3. In the meantime, the organisations are invited to send 2 members of their organisation to the "Mentors and Responsible of projects" training that will be held in each country. The training is part of the accreditation cycle.

Successful organisations will be listed in the European EVS database at European Youth Portal in case they create their own profile there. It is strongly suggested doing it!


Each organisation interested to obtain an EVS accreditation should be aware of:

and meet the requirements prescribed in the above documents.

Additionally, to raise the chances to get positive accreditation, organisation can find background information in the EVS Accreditation Guidelines.

EVS Charter
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