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Youth work in Palestine and surrounding challenges: call for author

Study Visit in Palestine... looking for an author

This publication will be part of the collection dedicated to the Youth Work in Meda countries (Tunisia, Israel, Jordan, Palestinian Territories, Egypt).

This collection aims to support the cooperation within EuroMed area providing a depth reflection about the nowadays issues and challenges in youth work the Euro Mediterranean context. The collection is providing new studies about updated topics.

The youth work is moving and opening new interesting perspective for the coming future. The field of youth work within Meda countries is living strong changes and the role of young people is more and more relevant in the society.

This study would like to contribute to the overall reflection about youth work in Palestine with a specific focus on field projects and to provide some new keys for reading the ongoing situation. The specific focus of this study should be an overview about the ongoing situation of youth works in Palestine, the challenges, strategies and good practices.

The study, organised by RCBS (Regional Capacity Building and Support Unit for the EuroMed Youth Programme IV), will be based on the Study Visit that will be held in Palestine from 19-26 June 2013 .

The author should be able to take part in the Study Visit and to use the field visits in order to organize and develop the content of study.
For this reason the author should be able to work in English.

The final public of this publication will be: institutions, youth leaders, social workers and trainers involved in such activities.

The document should be submitted to RCBS and SALTO-YOUTH EUROMED in English.

The study will be published in English, French, and Arabic.

The "Youth work in Palestine and surrounding challenges" study should provide to the readers:

  • overview about Youth Work in Palestine

  • educational and pedagogical background of youth work in Palestine;

  • challenges of youth workers for developing projects;
  • some examples of youth projects.

The format of this publication will be 45 pages in A5.
The author should be able to take part in the study visit and to follow this schedule and timetable.

Deadline for 1st draft: 10/08/2013

Deadline for final draft: 30/09/2013

The publication will be translated by SALTO-YOUTH EUROMED in French and Arabic.

Fees: 3.000 euro (bruto).

Deadline for the application on line 28th February 2013.

Here the link to apply

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