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Youth Work and Inclusion in Israel

A one week Study Visit has been held from the 29th September to the 5th October

Jewish Orthodox community in Ashdod

33 participants, representatives of the National Agencies managing the EU-funded Youth in Action Program as well as representatives of youth organizations from 13 EU countries had the chance to discover for an entire week the youth work and social inclusion level in the Israel with a specific focus on youth. The program of this five days study visit, rambled through Jerusalem to Tel Aviv via Ashdod, has been extensive, trying to focus as much as possible on the melting pot the Israeli society is made of, giving to the participants as much as possible an inside view of the youth work in Israel as well as sharing best practices, experiences and learning experiences as well.

This activity was a joint effort and work of the Israel EuroMed Youth Unit (EMYU), the network of Israeli EuroMed multipliers and trainers, RCBS (Regional Capacity Building and Support Unit for the EuroMed Youth Programme IV), SALTO-YOUTH EUROMED, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel.

The Official Opening has been done at the Ministry of Education in presence of its General Director and the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Municipality of Jerusalem with the representatives of the Youth Council has invited the group to introduce their Youth Policy. Among other stages of the visit: the Community Centre of Kefar Bara; the Arab Jewish Centre where the choir "Voices of Peace" sang "Imagine" of John Lennon; the "Nalaga’at" Center comprised of the "Nalaga’at" Theater, that currently employs some 70 people, most of whom are deaf, blind or deaf-blind; a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts and alcoholics; a community centre in charge of the Ethiopian minority in Jerusalem.

RCBS will publish before the end of this year a study on the topic in the collection “Youth work in…” dedicated to Youth work in the Mediterranean partner countries (Tunisia, Israel, Jordan, Occupied Palestinian Territory and Egypt). This collection aims to support cooperation within the EuroMed area by providing a deep reflection on the current issues and challenges youth workers in the Euro Mediterranean context have been facing.

A video of the visit will be soon on line.

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