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Working in progress in Israel

Leadership workshop for a sustainable future

In May a Leadership Workshop for a sustainable future will take place in Ramat Hanadiv, funded by the EU under the EuroMed program.

This joint workshop for educators from Israel and European countries - Greece, Bulgaria and Portugal - will be held between 15.5.12-19.5.12 at Ramat Hanadiv.

In this workshop five leading educators from each of the countries will learn together on the environment and sustainability and will recognize the depth of the educational program LTER-EDU through lectures, field trips, field study, online study and visits to schools Affiliate Program: Joint School Hof HaCarmel, Barta’a junior High, and The Agricultural School in Pardes Hanna.

The goal is that the educators will return to their countries and establish systems for a long-term ecological monitoring with youth, create a common educational network for a greener future for countries of the region.

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Euro-Med Youth Programme

This programme is funded by the European Union