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What are the differences between partners, associates and subcontractors?

Please refer to section 2.1.2 of the Guidelines for grant Applicants for information on partners, associates and subcontractors.
A partner is an entity that fulfils eligibility criteria, in case an entity which does not satisfy the eligibility criteria and wishes to participate to the action implementation they are allowed ONLY as
associate (only travels and per-diem are eligible, no other costs). Applicant, Partner and Associate are very well explained in the Guidelines, the same applies for sub-contractor Partners are actively involved in the design and implementation of the action and therefore have the right to be reimbursed for the related eligible costs. Associates are an interested party taking part in the implementation of the action but are not involved in its design and their costs are not covered by the grant except for travel and per diem costs.
Associates cannot be taken into account with regard to any partnership composition requirements of a Call.
As also indicated in the above-mentioned section, the grant beneficiaries have the possibility to award contracts to subcontractors for services, supplies and works. Subcontractors are neither
partners nor associates.
Please be informed that via clarification, the contracting authority will not take any specific position especially related to relevance and/or eligibility.

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