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Two Days Training just ended

High note and good atmosphere

Considering recent positive information related to the (re)start of operational conditions of the EuroMed Youth Units (EMYUs) in Lebanon, Algeria and possibly Morocco, RCBS (Regional Capacity Building and Support Unit for the EuroMed Youth Programme IV) Team organised a tow days Training in RCBS Amman Offices.

The agenda of June 26-27th, 2012 focused on European Commision procedures related to programme estimate Management, call for proposals management (reception, evaluation, etc), monitoring of grants and communication and visibility related to EMYUs and utilisation of Euromed Youth Units websites and web-tools.

EMYU Lebanon was the first to take advantage of this opportunity and the EMYU’s of Jordan and Palestine participated as well to increase their capacity in the management of their EMYU.

A second training will be held in Amman on 11th and 12th July, 2012 which hopefully all other EMYUs will be able to attend.

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