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Training Course for Tunisian multipliers

Acting locally, influencing regionally

To kick off its activities in 2013, the Tunisian EuroMed Youth Unit, in partnership with the General Directorate of Youth and RCBS (Regional Capacity Building and Support Unit for the EuroMed Youth Program IV), organized a national training session for new Tunisian multipliers of the Euromed Youth Program (EMYP) IV. Multipliers are youth workers already involved in the Euro-Med Youth Program. The aim is to refine their skills and to prepare them to act as propagation factors for the Program in the perspective to become future junior trainers.

The training took place from 13th to 21st January 2013 in Sousse with 31 participants representing Youth institutions and NGOs from across Tunisia. The course was held by four trainers, the head of the Euromed Youth Unit of Tunisia and the team Leader of the RCBS mandated by the DG DEVCO (Development and Cooperation) of the European Commission.

Youth workers, professionals and volunteers from different regions of the country were gathered there to enrich their knowledge on the EMYP IV by acquiring an overview of the projects done. By developing and refining their competencies and skills, they can help youth organizations to propose projects in the field of the non-formal education for the upcoming future. Moreover, the training was an opportunity for the Tunisian Head of EuroMed Unit to listen to the youth workers’ motivations and expectations about the program in order to increase their involvement in improving the situation for young people in Tunisia.

At the beginning of the week, youth workers had the chance to get to know each other and the team through icebreaking games and an intercultural night where they had to present their own regions’ traditional foods, music, dances and costumes, along with a retrospective of the events of the revolution and its effect on young people.

Afterwards, they have been running simulations of activities and have been learning to use promotion tools, to raise interest in the topic among young people.

At the end of this intense training, 19 participants were selected to become official EuroMed Youth Program multipliers and 11 local representatives to spread the word about the EMYP to youth organizations and develop more projects for the benefit of the Tunisian youth sector.

Unlike multipliers, local representatives use an existing network to facilitate the co-ordination of local efforts in the field of the Euromed cooperation throughout non formal education. They enable information exchange in order to create benefits for their members and to foster successful Euromed activities. Providing and handing on all kinds of ideas, support, expertise, links, and relations are the means to reach this goal.

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