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The Training organized jointly with the Euromed Youth Unit of Tunisia and the RCBS (Regional Capacity Building and Support Unit for the EuroMed Youth Programme IV) in favor of Tunisian associations has raised interest from several Tunisian media.
On Thursday, 8th September, 2011, Bonjour Tunisie, the morning program of the Tunisian national television, interviewed Mohsen Hakiri, Head of the Euromed Youth Tunisia, who presented the Euromed Youth Program IV and the two days training for the benefit of youth organizations in Tunisia.

At the same time of the training days (21-22 September), five international and national radios (Radio Tunis International Chain - RTCI, Radio Monastir - Regional from the Center of Tunisia, Gafsa Radio - Regional from the south of Tunisia, Youth Radio - national and Cultural Tunisia Radio) have included in their programs interventions of: Mr Bernard Abrignani (Director of RCBS), the Head of the Tunisian Euromed Youth Unit , multipliers (Mohamed Kamoun and Chokri Jegham) and a participant in the session (Noha ben Salem).

These media were intended to describe and clarify to the public the aims of the Euromed Youth; the role of RCBS as support for the Units and youth organizations; to present the training action plan of the Euromed Youth Unit in Tunisia; to inform on the technical content of training and on the contribution of RCBS trainers consolidating the achievements of Tunisian associations in the assembly and conduct of youth projects; to testify what the training gives to the participants; to promote the training activity and to invite groups to participate and present the results of these two days of training, cooperation with the RCBS and future plan actions of the Tunisian Euromed Youth Unit .

Press also presented the training such as in the newspaper Essarih of 19th Monday, September, 2011 under the title "Cooperation between Tunisia and EU in the field of youth". The reporter highlighted the good cooperation between the Tunisian Euromed Youth Unit and the European structure RCBS. He also explained that the training for Tunisian associations was led by Tunisian and European trainers.

The online video shows an excerpt of what happened in Hammam Sousse from the 20th September to 22nd during the first Tunisian training session A TRAINING FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT IN THE FRAMEWORK OF EUROMED YOUTH IV.

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