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Stepping-up youth projects in Euromed

Figures, names and actions of the first projects in Israel, Jordan, Palestinian Authorities, Tunisia and Egypt

The Euromed Youth program IV is on the path of its 4th call for proposals. The track is not always easy but the first good results begin to come out.

Israel has received fourteen projects for the 2nd Call for Proposals: six under the Action 1 (Euro-Med Youth Exchanges), one under the Action 2 (Euro-Med Youth Voluntary Service) and six under the Action 3 (Euro-Med Youth Training and Networking). Ten out of twelve eligible applications are new applicants, nine of them participating at the training seminar in Eilat of last December. This is a great indicator of the outcomes of the seminar.

EuroMed Youth Unit Jordan is currently in its final stages of the evaluation process for the eleven projects who participated in the second call for proposals (1st of November, 2011 deadline). Furthermore, the Unit has just received twelve new projects for the third deadline 1st of February, 2012. After signing the contract last December, the first project within EuroMed Youth Programme IV was implemented during the last week of January, 2012 by the Institute for Leadership Excellence (ILE). The project, Women Training Course , was under Action 3 and recorded a rich participation from Egypt, Morocco, Greece, Bulgaria, Latvia and Poland as well as Jordan. The aim was to make a lifelong learning for active EuroMed players to support the implementation of activities related to gender issues. To this scope, participants learned about the theoretical conception of gender and its evolution within EuroMed region and they got familiar with practical methods and tools supporting the concrete implementation of gender related activities. This activity contributed to the discussion about Gender issues in Jordan and the whole EuroMed region (more info).

At the first deadline of June 14th 2011, Palestinian Authorities received fourteen applications and four were selected for implementation: one under Action 3 on a documentary film making named My place: strengthen media and youth place in civil society, two under Action 2 one of which will take place for the coming twelve months started early January and the other titled Multiplying Solidarity, and lastly one under Action 1 The Salt of the Land still in validation process. At 1st November deadline the Palestinian Authorities Euromed Youth Unit received seven applications.

The awarded actions under first Tunisian call for proposals concern two projects under the Action 1 Culture de l’Olivier, Culture de la Paix already carried out and Deux Rives…Un Rêve foreseen from the 25th February to the 3th March; one of six months under the Action 2 A step for a green future and three under Action 3: Multimédia et Démocratie, L’Euromed que nous souhaitons, and L’Education aux Droits de l’Homme avec et par les jeunes: Apprendre et Agir.

Four projects submitted at the 1st call, two for the Action 1 and two for the Action 3, are waiting to be signed in Egypt.

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