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ISRAEL: a training is planned

50 participants are expected

A training for NGO’s is planned in December in Israel.

The Program schedule provides an opening on Sunday 11th December at 12.00 in Eilat. The trainings for the unit will be organized in parallel.

The working on the details is still under construction but a pre-program is ready. The general aim to this session is training NGO’s to prepare them to apply on next deadline and to take some time with the staff of the unit to train them further and to make a state of the play in the implementation of the Program.
Furthermore, the RCBS (Regional Capacity Building and Support Unit for the Euromed Youth Program IV) will meet the EU Delegations for making a point on the carrying out of the Program.

50 participants are expected and at least 2 multipliers taking part in TOTEM are identified as support trainers.

Here the pre-program for the training:

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Watch the video:


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