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Made in EuroMed

Training and Networking activity in Egypt

From the 25th till the 31st of January 2014, a Euro-Med Youth Training and Networking activity (Action 3) “Made In EuroMed” took place in Egypt focusing on three main related topics:

  • Unemployment among the youth.
  • Migration and Immigration and their integrated problems into new societies.
  • Sustainable Development.

12 participants from 6 partner countries (EU and MEDA) from Latvia, France, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt participated to this activity.
Partners were involved in the preparation making surveys and collecting information about chambers of commerce, young businessmen, unemployed youth situation and migrants’ situation in their countries which helped in the brain storming sessions.

The project aimed to developing the intra-regional trade between the Mediterranean countries and the European Union countries, especially the ones from the south to the north of the Mediterranean Sea through developing the culture of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in EuroMed countries in order to create new job opportunities and to achieve the real development in the South countries through new website database as a social community.

The objectives of this action were to:

  • explore quality aspects of sustainable Euro Mediterranean partnership and Euro Mediterranean youth projects
  • learn about the social work with unemployed youth and migrants in different countries/regions.
  • reflect and explore possibilities of non-formal education activities within the EuroMed Youth IV
  • support projects with the focus on Unemployment, Migration, and Sustainable development.
  • support participants to identify and start projects development in the framework of the cooperation with the neighboring countries.

Active young people from all over the EuroMed area met in order to develop ideas, debate on three main topics (Unemployment, Migration and Sustainable Development) and establish different networks across geographical borders. Activities have been based on non-formal education methods and free space techniques in the interest of sharing knowledge and experience about how to strength the youth work in their local area and engaging youth in the processes of decision-making.

The project was applied to the the EuroMed Youth Programme IV by OYOUN MASR Association and approved by the EuroMed Youth Unit in Egypt and funded by the European Commission.

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