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Ministry of Youth and Sports Sami el Solh Avenue - Alieh 3rd floor Beirut

Phone and Fax : +961 1 42 43 87

Conventional name: Republic of Lebanon

Surface area: 10.452 Km²

Comparison with an European country: about 1/4 des Pays-Bas

Capital: Beirut

Population: 4.3 millions of inhabitants

Young people under 25 years: 42,7 %

GDP/ inhab: 13 400 dollars

Ethnique groupes: Arabs 95%, Armenians 4%

Religions: Sunnite muslims: 22% - Shiite muslims: 25% - Druzes : 8% - Christians (all rites) : 41%

Official language: Arabic

Currency: Lebanese Pound (1000 LPound=0,71 Euro, on the 31.5.2002)

Unemployment rate (1997): 23,2%

Independence year: 1943 (from the French Mandate)

Member of United Nations: 1945

State system: unitary republic on community basis (see Taef Agreements)

Regime system: Parliamentary

Formalities: Obtaining a visa at the airport in Beirut for a vacation or Consulate of Lebanon + Passport valid six months after the date of return

Sources (Figures) : Economist Intelligence Unit, UN Population Data base, CIA.

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EU - Lebanon relations

  • The longstanding partnership between the EU and Lebanon aims to encourage Lebanon to become a democratic neighbor, politically open and economically strong.
  • The legal basis of this relationship is defined by the agreement of EU-Lebanon Association adopted in 2002 and came into force on 1st April 2006. Plan EU-Lebanon Action dopted under the European Neighbourhood Policy January 19th, 2007 gave new impetus to bilateral relations. Based on respect for democratic principles and human rights, the Association Agreement and Plan of Action provide a framework for political dialogue and economic and social cooperation and contribute to a better intercultural understanding.
  • Lebanon is a major beneficiary of EU aid in the Mediterranean region. EU, thanks to the diversity of its instruments, is the first donor.

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