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Israel, Jordan and Egypt: 48 projects received to promote the mobility of young people

Analyzing the first results of the call for proposal of November the 1st

22 Israeli youth organizations applied for their 3rd Call for Proposals. Among them 10 new NGOs have submitted projects for funding under the Euromed Youth Program and most of them have been trained in Acre, a city in the Western Galilee region of northern Israel, during four days last September.

Jordan received 10 project proposals and Egypt 16: 2 from Giza Governorate, 2 from Alexandria Governorate and 12 from Cairo Governorate.

Subjects tackled fully match the national priorities: environment, youth culture, civil society in Arab region, democracy, societal development, human rights.

Expectations were surpassed with the amount of projects received, witness to the fact that Euromed Youth Program is well managing to enter into the activities of Mediterranean youth organizations.

During these two years implementation of the fourth phase of Euromed Youth program, several projects have been already achieved.

By way of example, a Youth Exchange has just ended in Ashdod, the sixth-largest city in Israel, located on the Mediterranean coast. The action brought together 24 young people (15 to 18 years old and gender balanced) from immigrant minority communities in France (Bordeaux) and Israel (Ashdod). They learnt about each other’s cultures and challenges they, and their communities are facing as immigrants and minorities, including specific stereotypes encountered by women. This intercultural learning experience focused on the increasing problems and dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and rising violence amongst youth in their communities. The participants examined existing and developed new good practices that will assist them to become active citizens, in their cities, and to increase awareness of the dangers of chemical abuse, of violence and to defend their human rights and basic democratic freedoms through the fight against racism and xenophobia.

A Euromed Voluntary Service is ongoing in Bethlehem (Palestinian National Authority).

The project is in line with a strategy of supporting human rights in cooperation with the Middle East area of the PSCC (Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, the contracted Palestinian Organization) and Servizio Civile Internazionale (the Italian NGO Partner).

Four Volunteers have been selected; two male and two female, two of them have marked interest in Human rights and educational tools and the other two have some competence in new media technologies. Each couple of 2 volunteers has a 6-month’s period of volunteering, and one month of overlapping so that there could be a good flow of communication and continuity in the action. During that month, SCI Italy will carry on a midterm visit, to measure the project development. The gender balance and the presence of female Italian volunteers will facilitate the active participation of young Palestinian women.

Two of the four volunteers are now in Palestine; the first one arrived in April.

"My role with the PSCC of Al’Masara is focused on the realization of a video documentary training course for the youth of the village, in order to develop their communicational skills and empower them to tell their stories to the world. […]This gives me the opportunity to know more about the way the Palestinian youth is already committed and involved in the spread of news related to their country"

In this way, Diego Valenti, one of the two volunteers, describes his role in the hosting organization.

View online : About "MULTIPLYING SOLIDARITY", the Euromed Voluntary Service taking place in Palestine

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