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Euromed Youth program: one Year after the launch

Achieving good impact on the Euro-Mediterranean Youth

2011 and 2012 have been crucial years for southern Mediterranean countries: Arab spring and the resulting political and social imbalance of some countries have not helped to the optimal running of the program.

Despite the complexity, the Euromed Youth Program, after more than one year of its launch, is achieving good impact on the Euro-Mediterranean Youth.

From the 22nd February 2011, the program gathered in Tunisia, Palestinian territories, Jordan, Israel and Egypt more than 800 participants from about 600 NGOs during 25 Info and/or Training Sessions about the way to fill application forms to grant good projects of which 4 managed directly by RCBS (the Regional Capacity Building and Support Unit for the Euromed Youth Program IV).

Three deadlines are already passed and the first results start to come up: 135 proposals have been submitted and 34 awarded.

Five projects under the Action 1 (Euro-Med Youth Exchanges) have been contracted: two in Tunisia, one in Israel, one in Palestinian territories and one in Jordan.

Three under the Action 2 (Euro-Med Youth Voluntary Service): one in Tunisia and two in Palestine.

Nine under the Action 3 (Euro-Med Youth Support Measures): three in Tunisia, three in Israel and three in Palestine.

Other three deadlines are expected, for now, throughout the course of this phase IV (2010-2013) of the program:

  • May 31st, 2012
  • November 1st, 2012
  • January 31st, 2013

Morocco, Algeria and Lebanon are going to launch their calls but deadlines for applications have not yet been established. For Egypt, four projects, submitted at the 1st call, are waiting to be signed.

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Euro-Med Youth Programme

This programme is funded by the European Union