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Euro-med youth exchanges between the two shores of Mediterranean

Two Tunisian examples


“Culture is something that remains in our minds after we forget everything“. Culture of Olive Trees . . . Culture of Peace represented an opportunity for creating new bridges among the Mediterranean European and North African countries, cultures, traditions and perspectives of living.

From 17th to the 27th December 2011 the Association des Amis de la Maison de Jeunes Sahloul (AAMJ Sahloul) hosted Italian, German, French, Tunisian, Algerian and Egyptian participants for a Euro-Med Youth Exchange (Action 1) in Hammam-Sousse.

Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Italy, France share a unique background about the past and current culture and use of olives. Olive oil has historically been used in several domains: nutrition, medicines, healing and also for religious and defending purposes.

The whole Mediterranean area is also known as an olive region due to its geographical and climatic unique characteristics. The culture of olive oil and trees carries a meaningful message of unity especially when considering a transnational perspective among different cultures, religions and ways of live. Historically, olive oil was considered as a privileged and holy element suitable for heroes (according to Greeks and Romans): at present, the role of olive oil and the culture of olive trees have been changed and evolved but the importance and the peaceful message of its purpose still remains the same among different populations.

The project Culture of Olive Trees . . . Culture of Peace turned these perspectives of unity and peace into reality, by encouraging European and North African youth while working, living and sharing their ways of life together in a serene and productive environment.

Participants enriched themselves by living Tunisia, studying the theme of peace related to nature and connected to the culture of olive trees. All the events organized during the project (conferences, different workshops, study groups, cultural visits and surprises) introduced all participants to the Tunisian culture, its social services, its political and social features while pointing out the theme of revolution as a source of new bridge and understanding between Europe and North-Africa: revolution must be accompanied at the same time with the concept of evolution among society.

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Ali BELHOUENE Cultural Club, beneficiary of a grant under the 1st call for proposals of the Euromed Youth program, has just finalized its Youth Exchange (Action 1) Two shores ... A Dream held from February 26th to March 3th, 2012 at the Maison Des Jeunes Hammamet.

The evening of 29th February, the delegations participating organized a beautiful memorable cultural evening where music, dance, documentary films and cuisine took turns in a beautiful ambiance intercultural.

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