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Empowering Women III

The role of non-formal education in breaking women glass ceiling

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The French National Agency for the Youth in action Programme in cooperation with SALTO EuroMed Resource Centre are organizing a partnership building seminar centered on the thematic of women empowerment from the 21st to the 26th April 2013 in Paris (INSEP).

Eight places are available for MEDA participants belonging to NGOs or bodies dealing with the thematic. Meanwhile, all the EuroMed Youth Units (EMYU) have been invited to participate to this training course in line with one of the more relevant national priorities (Women in EuroMed) of the Euromed Youth Program they are managing in the region.

“Empowering Women” has now reached its third edition and the aim is to examine how non-formal education could strengthen and valorize women’s skills, in order to empower their competences and above all their self-confidence for high responsibilities positions.

Two main topics will be considered at such regard: gender stereotypes causing the horizontal segregation (women choosing both forced or not only typical "feminine" jobs) and the vertical segregation, and in particular it will focus on the idea of the "glass ceiling" which has a significant negative role in the advancement process of women’s careers.

Exchange of best practices, visions of experts, drafting recommendations on various topics: glass ceiling, equal changes, employability of young women...

Are you interested to participate?

Deadline for the application: 28th of February 2013

Further information and application online here

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