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Developing a network on a Euro-Mediterranean level

The strategy which encompasses and supports Youth In Action and Euromed Youth IV Programs continues

TOTEM II (Training of Trainers in Euromed held in Adrasan, Turkey 18-28 October 2011) is concluded as a great success, defined by its participants as one of best trainings in term of quality that will have a strongly influence within the upcoming years on the youth workers’ activity adding more responsibilities to their efforts in the youth field.

One Egyptian, one Israeli, one Moroccan, one Palestinian, one Tunisian and two Lebanese, after the first step of TOTEM, have been selected to take part in a specific Euromed activity for observing, assisting, reporting the training and leading subgroups activities. This activity, named job shadowing experience, will be part of the second step of TOTEM (coaching phase) and will support the learning process started during the first meeting. The job shadowing will be the opportunities for better understand the cooperation within the Euromed dimension and to define the role of trainer/training.

This observation process will be personalized in according to the participants/training.

The conclusion of TOTEM, being its existence part of an overall bigger strategy which encompass also supporting Youth In Action and Euromed Youth IV Programs, was the occasion to announce that at the 1st November, within the Youth in Action deadline, 4 projects have been submitted all with MEDA partners:

1) Spring It Euromed in Poland: among Portugal, Turkey, Israel, Morocco, and Egypt

2) Motivation for Activation in Italy: among Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, and Turkey

3) Active in Euromed in Turkey: among Spain, UK, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan

4) Let’s make it happen in Spain: among Turkey, Sweden, Morocco, and Egypt

And for the next deadline (1st February 2012), the partnership will apply for:

  • Can Ya Makan in Jordan: a training course on Fairy Tale (1st step in Spain)
  • Religion as cross-cutting issue in Jordan: a training course about Religion
  • Spring It Euromed in Israel: a seminar about Youth Participation probably applied as the second step of the already presented now in Poland
  • Active in Euromed in Jordan: the 3rd meeting
  • A training on Euro-Med Youth Voluntary Service in Tunisia
  • I are, We am in Israel
  • Active in Euromed in Egypt: last phase (probably)

Watch here TOTEM activities:

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