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Booklet EuroMed Youth Awards 2013

Dead Sea - Jordan

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This document is an evidence of the second edition of the event “EuroMed Youth Awards”, after Cairo, Egypt in 2005, held from the 10th to the 14th of June 2013, in Dead Sea – Jordan within the framework of the EU-funded EuroMed Youth and Youth in Action programmes with more than 70 participants coming from 11 European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Finland, France, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, and Spain), 1 Programme country of the Youth in Action Programme (Turkey) and 6 neighbour countries from the Mediterranean area (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia).

The aim of the event was to increase the visibility of the EuroMed Cooperation with key partners from the youth field, to enhance the achievements of the Euro-Mediterranean Youth cooperation by sharing good practices and to give a new impetus for future partnership and cooperation within the future generation of the Youth in Action and EuroMed Youth programmes.

Among the great amount of applications received, 43 projects took part in the competition (17 for the EuroMed Youth Programme and 26 for the Youth in Action Programme) - selected beforehand by the concerned National Agencies of the Youth in Action Programme, the EMYUs (EuroMed Youth Unit) of the EuroMed Youth Programme IV, SALTO-YOUTH EuroMed Resource Centre and RCBS (Regional Capacity Building and Support Unit for the EuroMed Youth Programme IV).

Here you will find out the description of each project which brings out the “all winners”
aspect, at the heart of such an event, despite its awarding and thus competitive feature. All the projects and their representatives deserved their place in this ceremony and thanks to all the experiences they shared, all they worked for, they strengthened the collaboration with the neighbour countries in the Mediterranean Area, making it a place for the union of different people from “this Sea which is joining us together”.

The Youth in Action and the EuroMed projects are gathered together in sequence with the respective logo in the upper right corner.

View online : For more info on the event


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