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About Volunteering

An interview of Bernard Abrignani, Project Director of the Regional Capacity Building and Support Unit for the Euromed Youth Program IV (RCBS)

How is volunteering perceived in the MEDA countries?

Why is volunteering important in the MEDA countries and what challenges are faced by young people?

Is the international mobility important for youth, especially those involved in volunteering projects?

What kind of obstacles to volunteering are in the other side of the Mediterranean?

Find the answers in this article published on the Issue 17 of Coyote titled THE POWER OF VOLUNTEERING.

Coyote is a magazine about important issues in and around youth work in Europe and beyond. Published by the EU-CoE youth partnership once or twice a year, it is addressed to practitioners, leaders of youth organizations, researchers and policy makers. Articles come from all of those target groups and the magazine is enriched occasionally by outside voices too.

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