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13 applications received in Palestine for the fifth deadline

Next opportunity on January the 31st, 2013

The Euromed Youth Unit from the Palestinian Authority had its fifth deadline on November the 1st for which they received 13 applications. This time, not only Non-governmental organizations applied but also universities, municipalities and local youth councils.

Many and successful projects have already been funded through the Euromed Youth Program during these four previous deadlines in the three actions (Euro-Med Youth Exchanges, Euro-Med Youth Voluntary Service, Euro-Med Youth Training and Networking).

Youth Participation in Palestine and Cyprus is a good example of a Euro-Med Youth Exchange: 10 Cypriot young people left Palestine on 11th of November after a 10-day youth exchange, organized by the Human Rights and Democracy Media Center "SHAMS”, that allowed them to meet Palestinian officials, learn about the Palestinian culture and the Human Rights situation in Palestine, and visit most of the West bank Cities such as Ramallah, Jenin, Jericho and the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, Hebron, and East Jerusalem. The exchange may be over, but the networks and connections they’ve made with their Palestinian friends shall last long. The group has met Prime Minister Salam Fayyad as well.

A volunteer from Belgium is now in the Palestinian authority, involved in Euro-Med Youth Voluntary Service, to endorse collaboration and team work between two organizations (Kamanjati, the Palestinian contracted organization and Dynamo International, the Belgium Partner) and give a different content to the work of both of them.

The volunteer is acquiring new experiences, new skills and independence. He is sharing with other foreign volunteers (among them music teachers) the same flat and work place.

Living in a foreign country, having a really different culture is a great way to learn more about his own culture but also to relate his culture to those of the other. In this way, music should help, by sharing a common interest, to develop relationships and facilitate the understanding.

Learn new languages is the other objective: there are every week classes where Arabic is taught, speaking as much as possible with the local workers is also essential. English will be improved as well through contacts with partners. Digital competences are also expected to be developed, through blogging and social networks as a way of sharing information about the project.

Leaders of the women movement and the Palestinian community in Gaza, West Bank and Israel are implementing leadership trainings and capacity building activities for young Palestinian women in the framework of the Action 3 (Euro-Med Youth Training and Networking). A group of seven women is acting as a steering committee that helps to plan activities, ensuring that the topics addressed reflect their needs and priorities. The preparatory meetings serve as a forum for consolidating the group and include several components such as planning, assessing needs and priorities of the young women, developing an outreach strategy to include more women in the action, and group building exercises. The aim of these meetings is to develop a space where women themselves feel in charge of the project and set its priorities. The meetings provide an opportunity to brainstorm and plan for the subsequent events: the study visit, and training course. A mentorship component is supporting the women throughout implementation of the action.

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