PADOR Registration

What is PADOR?

PADOR stands for Potential Applicant Data On-line Registration

Where can I find more information about PADOR? PADOR manual? PADOR Quick guide for Applicants? PADOR Quick guide for partners? PADOR e-learning? Frequently Asked Questions?

For additional information on registering in PADOR, please consult the Quick Guide for Applicants, the Quick Guide for partners and the Frequently Asked Questions Document, available at the
following website:
All questions related to the registration in PADOR should be addressed to the PADOR help desk:

Due to technical problems I have not managed to register/access my profile in PADOR. The deadline is approaching. What shall I do?

Prior registration in the PADOR is not mandatory within the EuroMed Youth Calls for Proposals, while some Contracting Authorities may ask for it prior to grant contract signature, in such a case the EMYU involved will provide for all necessary support.

Is it possible to upload the application in the PADOR registration system?

It is not possible to upload the application Proposal in the PADOR registration system. Application must be submitted in accordance with the provisions of sections 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 of the respective Guidelines for grant Applicants.

If our organisation is registered in PADOR and has had previous contracts with the EU, do we need to complete this section of the application?

PADOR number should be sufficient provided that Applicant has kept the information up to date.

Do the partner organisations have to be registered in PADOR?

Yes, partner organisations (not associates) have to be registered in PADOR, while associates do not have to be registered in PADOR. Yet, for the Euro-Med Youth Programme, registration in PADOR is not compulsory prior to the application. The selected Applicants and their Partners may be
requested to register in PADOR if they are not already registered, but it is not a must for the evaluation process.


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