Eligibility Questions

Kindly refer to Article 2.1 for all Eligibility Criteria issues

Are recently established organisations eligible to apply?

Kindly refer to Article 2.1.1 of the Guidelines for the eligibility of Applicants.

Is it possible to sub-contract the management of the Action?

As indicated in the eligibility criteria in section 2.1.1 the Applicant and partners must be directly responsible for the preparation and the management of the proposed action. Consequently, the Applicant may not subcontract the management of the action to another organisation.
NB: Subcontracting project management to another organisation (which is prohibited) should not be confused with recruiting a member of the proposed project’s personnel through a service contract:
(i.e. the person will not appear on the payroll of the grant beneficiary) to perform "project management" tasks. This method of personnel recruitment must follow the procurement procedures set out in annex IV to the standard grant contract (see annex IV – Contract award
procedures, available at published on each respective EuroMed Youth Unit website as annex to the Guidelines).

We are an organisation already receiving funds from the EC through a previous Call. Are we eligible to apply?

Organisations already receiving EU funding under another (or the same) financing instrument may submit applications for another call for proposals. However, of course, no "double-funding" is allowed and therefore, items already financed in another framework cannot be considered as eligible costs.
Moreover, in the interest of avoiding duplication of funding for the same action, the Applicant in signing the declaration within the application form takes full responsibility to fulfil the obligation of informing the Contracting Authority as stipulated. The position of organisations receiving operating
grants is dealt within the provision of the General Contract Conditions available as published on each respective EuroMed Youth Unit website as annex to the Guidelines.
In the specific frame of the Euro-Med Youth Programme IV please analyse provision of Article 2.1.3 of the Guidelines indicating participation and awarding possibilities.

We are an NGO from country XYZ but with field offices all over the world. Can each of the field offices apply for a grant?

Kindly refer to Article 2.1.1 of the Guidelines for Applicants (and 2.1.2 for Partners) for eligibility rules.

We would like to apply for this Call with organisation XYZ as partner. Is this partnership eligible?

Kindly refer to answer (32) above and remember that, as stipulated in Section 2.2.4 of the Guidelines for grant Applicants and in the interest of equal treatment of Applicants, the Contracting Authority cannot give a prior opinion on the eligibility of an Applicant, a partner, an action or specific activities.
It is up to the Applicant to demonstrate that the proposed partnership complies with the requirements of and is in line with the objectives of the Call.

Should the partner country organisation or the EU-based organisation apply as Applicant?

Kindly refer to answer (32) above.

What are the differences between partners, associates and subcontractors?

Please refer to section 2.1.2 of the Guidelines for grant Applicants for information on partners, associates and subcontractors.
A partner is an entity that fulfils eligibility criteria, in case an entity which does not satisfy the eligibility criteria and wishes to participate to the action implementation they are allowed ONLY as
associate (only travels and per-diem are eligible, no other costs). Applicant, Partner and Associate are very well explained in the Guidelines, the same applies for sub-contractor Partners are actively involved in the design and implementation of the action and therefore have the right to be reimbursed for the related eligible costs. Associates are an interested party taking part in the implementation of the action but are not involved in its design and their costs are not covered by the grant except for travel and per diem costs.
Associates cannot be taken into account with regard to any partnership composition requirements of a Call.
As also indicated in the above-mentioned section, the grant beneficiaries have the possibility to award contracts to subcontractors for services, supplies and works. Subcontractors are neither
partners nor associates.
Please be informed that via clarification, the contracting authority will not take any specific position especially related to relevance and/or eligibility.

Could be “partner” an association from the same country who is applying? For example is eligible a project presented by two Egyptian organisations + two UK organisations?

YES, but they will not have multi-countries action advantages.

How is a contractor selected?

A sub-contractor is selected after following the specific Procurement Procedure as stipulated for in Annex IV Procurement by grant Beneficiaries in the context of European Union external actions.

We would like to implement an action on theme XYZ. Is this in line with the objectives and priorities of the Call?

Kindly refer to article 2.2.4 of the Guidelines.

We would like to implement the activity XYZ. Is this activity eligible?

Kindly refer to article 2.2.4 of the Guidelines.

Who can submit a project?

Only organisations from the eight southern Mediterranean countries may submit a project at their respective Euro-Med Youth Units, kindly refer to answer (32)above.

In a bilateral or multilateral action in Action 1 and 3 how many participants have to participate from each of the sides?

There is no limitation on the number of participants; it is up to you the Applicants to determine such details, based on their project design and budget.

Considering the next deadline (14 of June) I’m writing to you just to know between which periods or date the financed project has to start and to end?

Actions 1 & 3, the maximum allowed project duration is 6 months, while activity duration varies depending on the nature of the activity (please refer to the Guidelines for further information).
While for Action 2, the maximum duration is 12 months, and the minimum is 3 months. Durations are calculated from the date of signing the grant contract.

Is a planning visit obligatory?

No, planning visits are not obligatory.

Is it possible to have more than one partner from the same country?

Kindly refer to articles 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 of the Guidelines (and also question 2.3 of the Evaluation Grid).

In a bilateral action with Palestine and Germany, is it possible to have an Israeli organisation as an associate partner – and the action will still be bilateral?

Kindly refer to article 2.2.4 of the Guidelines.

If an international organisation located in Europe is one of the partners and the participants it sends to Palestine are from different countries – is that a bilateral or a multilateral action?

Kindly refer to answer 11.

What about Turkey? Is it from South (Med countries) or north (program countries) in the Euro-med IV program.

Turkey is not part of the eligible Countries and Territories, kindly refer to article 2.1.3 of the Guidelines.

48.Can Swiss organisations participate in activities funded by the EuroMed Youth Programme in the MEDA countries taking into consideration that they finance their own participation?

YES, Swiss NGOs have the possibility to participate to the EuroMed Youth programme only as Associate partners, the Guidelines and Application forms include this possibility.


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