First step in EuroMed: EuroMed Essentials for beginners

From 10th to15th January 2011, in Antalya, Turkey, the Turkish National Agency for the YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME in cooperation with SALTO EuroMed Resource Centre has organised the training course “EuroMed for beginners”.

This was the first step in EuroMed for motivated and creative people to develop new projects in EuroMed!

The training course is designed for youth workers and youth leaders from both sides of Mediterranean Sea to support their professional development and to extend their competencies in design and run a Youth project taking in account also the Euro Mediterranean dimension.

The group reflected about the specificities of working in EuroMed and how the cultural and social background has to be taken into account in order to develop an effective training. Participants worked on conceiving by themselves the activities and to experiment them into the learning group.

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Euro-Med Youth Programme

This programme is funded by the European Union