EuroMed Youth IV Programme regional meeting Kicks off on the 22 February 2011

Bridging the gap between Mediterranean Youth

The first regional meeting of the Euromed Youth IV Programme will be held in Amman for three days.

The meeting gathers the Euro-Med Youth Units of countries in the region, people in charge of the programme Euro-Med Youth in EU Delegations and in HQ, and the experts from the Regional Technical Assistance.

The goal of the Euromed Youth Programme is to motivate young people to become key players in the development of their society while creating links with countries in the region and with European counterparts.

The EU has been supporting the Youth in the region through the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Programme since 1999. This programme focuses on mobility, non-formal education and intercultural learning among young people, youth leaders and youth workers operating within the framework of youth organisations, civil organisations dealing with youth. The programme is designed to facilitate encounters, partnerships and networks within the Euro-Mediterranean partnership. Phase IV of the Euro-Med Youth Programme (2010-2013), has a budget of 5 Million Euros financed by the EU.

EU Ambassador to Jordan Ms. Joanna Wronecka opened the seminar on Tuesday 22nd February 2011 at the EU Delegation to Jordan. During the event, She stated “In my long years in the region I have met with youth from all backgrounds and have witnessed firsthand their motivation, curiosity and willingness to learn. I also listened as they discussed their hopes and expectations for their future, as well as for the region. We witness events these days that illustrate how much such dialogue is important, at all levels. Through these interactions, I am convinced of the great potential of Arab youth as agents of change”.

The Euromed Youth Programme complements the EU’s assistance in other relevant areas, such as education, vocational training and civic participation. This assistance signifies its support for the region’s promising youth and its commitment to investing in their young people.

There are more than 100 million youth in the MENA region (North of Africa and Middle East) aged 15 to 29 years old. They constitute around one third of the population of these countries and about half of the population in working age.

During the seminar the EU will present the main conclusions of the recently finalised study on Social Inclusion and Youth in EC External Cooperation, including the case of ENP Countries.

See the video of the Amman Meeting:

mel Tuesday 22 February 2011

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Euro-Med Youth Programme

This programme is funded by the European Union